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Spanning installations, performances and two-dimensional works, my artistic practice is situated at the meeting point of the artistic and the mundane. Using different media, my body of work tackles the moment where unsuspecting objects become art, through transformative gestures that weave these objects into evocative dreamscapes.

Day-to-day objects partake in ritualistic-seeming arrangements while still exhibiting their utilitarian origin; upon closer inspection, the enchanting landscapes betray their elemental parts, situating the work in a of illusion, deception, longing and disenchantment.

I work with a variety of materials, which are typically present en masse – from household and office supplies to the repertoires of ballroom dancing, martial arts, hiking and outdoor excursions. Recent projects featured bulk quantities of electrical cable, metal coated paper, thousands of paper clips, and kilometers of aluminum foil. In another project, a museal exhibition space was transformed into a ballroom. Whether tangible objects, spaces or gestures, these primary materials are incorporated into the work as ready-mades, in a way that stretches their mundane connotations into the realm of dream and fantasy.


Works in Herzliya, Israel.

Studied Fine Arts at Ha'Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl Academic College following a B.A. in Geography and Psychology at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva and an M.Sc in Industrial Design at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. 


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